aboutmeYes, this is me. This is me with my 4 crazy kids and my absolutely amazing husband. They’re my life. Most people call us “organized chaos” but we like to refer to ourselves as the Reck Half Dozen.  I am the enforcer of the No Rough Housing Rule, using your manners, and the famous “stay in or stay out” theory to my sweet little clan. I enjoy finding gum in the washing machine, reading Junie B. Jones and practicing my spiral with a 14-year-old quarterback. In my spare time I try to disguise carrots as junk food, referee tickle matches, and polish my toenails.

Photography is my passion that I just so happen to call my job. (Lucky me!)  It wasn’t until after I had my own kids that I realized my true calling as a photographer. There is magic that happens when you take a picture….and then you stumble upon that picture tucked away in a box, or pass it hanging on the hallway wall, where you are taken back to that exact moment when the picture was taken. The people in that image come alive in your  memory — the way they smelled, the innocent giggle, and their captivating eyes. THAT is the reason why I love what I do. It’s so much more than a picture….it’s emotion, it’s a connection. That is my approach to every session. I want your heart to melt 20 years from now when you look back on your images.

This blog is where you’ll read all about the crazy stuff that happens in my life — both as a mom, and as a photographer. You’ll read about how I backed into my husband’s parked truck (*ahem* TWICE!), the re-cap of a pea getting stuck up someone’s nose or how much I drooled over my latest newborn’s eyelashes. This is also the place where I’ll share business news and promotional deals — so you might want to bookmark it and come back often. No matter what the topic, it’ll be entertaining. And definitely worth it!

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